Project-based learning is an important part of education at GIS which emphasizes on discovery and experience. Learning for all ages should be hands-on, immersive and active and with the  approach, our students are provided with numerous opportunities to encounter real-life problems that require questioning and collaborating in order to reach to a solution.

During the month of August, PBL was displayed by Grades 4 and above. This week, on 24th October 2017, Grades 1 & 2 displayed their PBL work along with their great-work: ‘Recycled Paper’ done under the theme ‘Recycling Paper’ and ‘Model of Coral Reef’ under the theme ‘Coral Reef’ respectively. Likewise, on 26th October 2017, the Grade 3s displayed their PBL work presenting ‘Bath Salt’ as their great-work which they produced during their journey of PBL under the theme ‘Ocean’.

With the adoption of PBL, students enhance their knowledge and creativity and at the same time become more aware to take responsibility in protecting the nature and the natural sources that surround us. During this journey, the students worked on different activities such as craft work, models, experiments, posters, data collecting, interviews, poems, essays, magazines and so on.

The Project-based learning carried out this year in all the grades was a momentous success as it paved the way for the students to take charge of their learning and to build their knowledge base to become lifelong learners.