GIS is a co-educational school catering to children between the ages of 6 and 16 years.

Our preparatory year as an international school began on a good note with a number of promising students and dedicated staff.

As the Government of Maldives opened avenues for private schools to flourish under the new Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiative, The Shri Ram Schools in India entered the picture to share the teaching learning experience of their established and successful educational institutes, providing an international arena.

GS now known as GIS, previously a government school opened in 1999, comprises 36 classrooms, a Science lab, an AV Room, a music room, a library, and a computer room. It also has a large multipurpose hall, and a school compound that can cater to a wide range of sports and physical education activities.

The philosophy of the school is to form a partnership between home, school and the community, as we believe education to be a three-way process, which can only be successful with support for the child from these three critical stakeholders in the child’s growth to responsible adulthood.

Our aim is to provide an environment conducive to learning where all the children can develop knowledge, skills and values through a child – centric curriculum that encompasses opportunities for cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth.

Our Vision

The students and staff of GIS strive to excel academically, being sensitive to environment , accepting cultural differences and develop physical fitness, social and technological skills to face the challenges of 21st century.

Our Mission

  • Develop lifelong learners who strive to excel always
  • Role model good behavior and high moral values through preach and practice
  • Sensitive its students on environmental and cultural issues through awareness and practical involvement.
  • Emphasize on skill building through teaching and life skills
  • Produce students and staff equipped with media and technology knowledge
  • Accustom students and teachers to healthy life styles and physical fitness through sports, athletics and awareness.
  • Produce students and teachers who learn to respect and tolerate differences of opinion and be responsible for their actions.


Our core values are:

• to the environment
• to special education needs
• to the community
• to our own and other cultures


• In all actions and deeds

Pursuit of Excellence:
• Students and teachers are encouraged to excel in any area of their ability. Competition is encouraged, but with a difference. Every student is encouraged to compete with himself or herself to do the best that he or she can do.

Pride in one’s Heritage:

• Wherever in the world one might go, it is important to remember where one has come from. The school believes that it is important for students to know and appreciate their country and take pride in its achievements
• Respectful and observant about traditions
• To be ambassadors for the country wherever their life’s journey takes them